About the Zeros

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She was raised in the midwest, and spent visits to grandma’s baking pies with rhubarb from the backyard garden. He grew up in the northeast, working summers on a farm and waiting tables. Her family’s 100-year old handwritten recipe cards include rolls with hand-churned butter, gelatin desserts (which you probably won’t see popping up on this blog!), hot dishes, and bird’s nests. His include anchovies and onions, pizza rustica, and cinnamon sauce.


About Sarah

Sarah is the Co-Owner & Creative Director of two businesses: Heart & Dash and Wellstruck. When she’s not working, she loves cooking with Scott, taking Smalls (the pup) on walks around the reservoir, gardening in the backyard, and traveling.

Instagram: @HeySarahZero
Twitter: @HeySarahZero

About Scott

Scott is an engineer by day, nerdery aficionado by night. You can usually find him listening to tech podcasts, programming, experimenting with new cocktails, or playing with Smalls. His latest side-project is Quantifier, an app designed to collect, plot, and save data. You can get it here.

Instagram: zeroooooooooooo
Twitter: @scottzero