Zucchini Goat Cheese Pizza

July 10, 2016

This one has been a favorite for years, and there are two reasons we haven’t posted about it until now. The first is that, quite frankly, we follow the exact recipe from Smitten Kitchen because what she wrote is pretty darn perfect. We’d debated whether or not to repost recipes from other people if we haven’t modified it quite a bit — and ultimately decided it’s so worth sharing, so we’re just posting our own pictures here and we’re telling you to go follow her recipe over there.

Couple of Zeros | Zucchini Goat Cheese Pizza

The second reason is that it’s so pretty looking that I always trick myself into thinking it’ll be a super time-consuming recipe, but really, it’s a breeze. There aren’t many ingredients at all. We pick up pizza dough from the local shop (which I didn’t even know was a possibility until I met Scott). Not every pizza shop will do it, but many of them will. Just call them up and ask. We can buy ours in small, medium, or large — they charge us something different every time, but it’s always between $1 and $3 per dough ball.

Couple of Zeros | Zucchini Goat Cheese Pizza

You can slice the zucchini (and squash if you have both) with a knife or mandolin. Again, I always imagine the mandolin to be such a process, but it’s so not. Ours was super cheap — I often break it out once a week when we’re chopping up all the veggies from the CSA pick-up or grocery store run. Scott made a rule that I’m not allowed to have a cocktail before using it, though. That thing is scary.


Oh, and we use a pizza stone. We had a regular pizza stone (an actual stone) for a few years, but it cracked. I did a little research and we ended up going with this cast iron version and it’s held up well. It’s the secret to a good crust on homemade pizza. That, and spritz or brush the outer edge crust with olive oil plus a few sprinkles of coarse kosher salt.


Anyway, about this pizza. It is perfection. It is the taste of summer. And it makes us feel so gardener-y when we get to use zucchini AND basil from the garden in one meal (accompanied by a simple kale salad from our CSA). So go make it! The recipe is right here on Smitten Kitchen.



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